Danielle and Tom

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Our Story

“Adventure” is the most accurate word to describe Tom and Danielle’s relationship over the past nearly four years. Tom and Danielle first crossed paths in a London pub while Danielle was completing her TCU study abroad program, and the two spent the next four months taking long walks through London, seeing films at the PictureHouse cinema, and bonding over their mutual love for cats. Once Danielle moved back to Texas to finish her undergraduate degree, the 5,000-mile distance proved challenging, but their bond was too strong to be broken. After months of long distance, Danielle moved back to London for her master’s degree, just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic (!). After many, many months of national lockdowns and quarantine together, more walks to the local park than they could count, and surviving a bout of COVID together, Tom proposed to Danielle after a long and lovely walk through London. Tom and Danielle have spent the past eleven months long distance again, with Danielle living in Dallas and Tom in London. Planning a wedding (and a life together) while living in separate countries has been a daunting task, but the two have learned to find true joy in the little moments together while FaceTiming with a glass of wine, despite the 6-hour time difference. The highlight of their engagement period was adopting their beloved rescue cat, Joey. Tom and Danielle are incredibly grateful for the love and support their family and friends have shown them throughout their relationship, and they look forward to a life full of love, adventure, and most importantly, cats.